Fitness Friend is a personal training company based in Northwood that focuses on everyday solutions to get clients fit and healthy. It was set up by Kimberley Cleminson, following the birth of her son Lester in 2012. Kimberley has always been fascinated with health and fitness which lead to her gaining a BSC Hons degree in Sports Science at Loughbrough University. For 10 years she worked in the media world before focusing on personal training, so understands the difficulties of juggling a hectic working schedule with exercise. Kimberley maintains a high level of fitness in her own life – has run marathons, plays tennis and golf and loves snowboarding. She holds a Premier International Training Diploma (qualified to Level 3 with the Register of Exercise Professionals). She specialises in training women of all ages and all levels, in particular pre and post-natal.

Kimberley Cleminson